2 Smart 4 U?

smart home

Smart houses are not a fad or celebrity phenomenon; they are definitely here to stay. I just read this article about smart features that are already available for “smart” people, like my clients.

What does this mean for you, a buyer or a seller? Well, now as Millennials are paying off their student loans, have reached some income establishment, and are looking to get into home ownership, the smart home is going to be an important component in their home purchase decision. Technology, while not as universally appealing to Boomers, is making its inroads and those who are downsizing may especially feel that connectivity—the Internet of Things—makes their retirement years that much easier.

I know for me, there are days when that Laundroid folding the clothes would be a big help (but I also really need it to put them away!) and even though I love to cook, the ChefConnect might just be a day-saver on my busiest days (which is most days!).

These are no longer “early adopter” toys, but things homeowners and future homeowners may want to stay on top of to preserve the future value of their homes. It also brings a responsibility and obligation for real estate agents to understand these innovations in home technology products. I’ll, for sure, be keeping my clients and readers current here on this blog about how these changes will impact home transactions.

What smart home technology would you like to see that would make your life easier?


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