About Lisa

Lisa Teach

Trusted Advisor and Advocate

Choosing a real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you may ever make. You want the best agent available and someone who meshes well with you as the buyer or seller. Most likely that is a licensed, full-time real estate agent who will act as your trusted advisor and advocate. For me, there’s nothing better than a client letting me know, after a transaction, that I’ve been that agent for them – helping them end one chapter and begin another, achieving a goal of home ownership, or keeping them sane during such life changing moments.

Offering Knowledge Gained Through Hands-on Experience

I believe my most valuable real estate assets are my background in marketing and construction. My knowledge in those two fields came from working alongside experts, and by literally doing the work myself. My marketing mentor was a former supervisor with a treasure trove of knowledge and talent. I worked hard to learn and absorb all that he was willing to share. When the opportunity was made available, I purchased lots and participated in the construction of several homes on them. And by participating I don’t mean watching the work being done – I mean hammering the nails myself and working side-by-side with construction professionals when necessary. It has been my lifelong experience that a hands-on work ethic is a key to success in any field­.

Local Roots. Local Involvement.

I was born and raised in Washington County – Hagerstown and the Boonsboro/Smithsburg area to be exact. I’m very familiar with the communities where I operate my business, having spent my life living and working in them. I am happy to share my local market knowledge, real estate expertise, and even a portion of my commissions wherever I can. In 2016 I donated over $56,000 in commission rebates toward the closing costs of buyers and sellers associated with the Homes for Heroes program, a cause that is very near and dear to my heart.

When I am not serving my real estate clients or attending events to spread the word about Homes for Heroes, you’ll find me enjoying antique and vintage shopping and collecting. I also believe in the importance of family and enjoy spending time with my four grandchildren.

An Eye for Design & What’s On Trend

I have an eye for design and I love to follow the latest trends in home decorating and design. At one time I owned two home décor shops in Frederick, Maryland. It’s not unusual for my clients and colleagues to request my expertise on matters ranging from paints colors and furniture placement to home inspection and repairs.

Buying or selling your home can be a complicated and stressful time. I hope you’ll find that I am the right agent to be your trusted advisor and advocate, leading you through the process. I’m happy to share tangible evidence of my abilities in the real estate world. I believe my background, skillset and track record make me a top agent. Contact me today to talk about your needs and goals!