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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Growing up in Washington County, Maryland, this has always been a special time of year marked by small town parades, family cookouts and picnics, the opening of swimming pools and the town carnival, but first and foremost, remembrance of those who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces. Though []


The Midas Touch

Gold Home Decor

Gold is making a comeback! I first noticed it while walking through LOWE’S earlier this year. A gold-finish faucet on display caught my attention. It stood out among the nickel and chrome finishes in a regal sort of way. And that was just the first of many gold items I started noticing here and there. []


Update: The House That Lisa Builds

Boonsboro Construction Project Completed

I realize I’m overdue for an update to The House That Lisa Builds because I’ve just settled on another property where my next construction project will be built. Before I get ahead of myself, here’s the promised update for the house on High Street in Boonsboro. I’m thrilled to report that new homeowners officially settled []


Brexit and Beyond

Ever since the Brexit vote a week ago, people have been putting their various opinions out there as to the impact on Europe and also the United States. Fortune ran this article, which while a bit hazy for the average person, talks about depressed interest rates. The point is we thought we’d see a hike []


2 Smart 4 U?

Smart houses are not a fad or celebrity phenomenon; they are definitely here to stay. I just read this article about smart features that are already available for “smart” people, like my clients. What does this mean for you, a buyer or a seller? Well, now as Millennials are paying off their student loans, have []


The Making of a Pearl

pearl in oyster shell

The pearl. One of nature’s most beautiful wonders. These sought-after “gems” are made when—not a grain of sand as has been poetically stated—a parasite enters an oyster. In its defense, the oyster coats it with a fluid. Layer upon layer of this “nacre” are deposited—forming a lustrous pearl. An oyster take three years to mature. []


A Lisa’s Favorite: Rik’s Café

Rik’s Café is a shiny gem on Hagerstown’s Maryland Avenue offering West coast style and eclectic tastes. While not much distinguishes the outside storefront, the sunny inside showcasing “funky art” allows for a full seating without a lot of competing noise drowning out conversation—and is a bit of a pleasant surprise in this sort of “down []


The House That Lisa Builds

You see that house there? You don’t? Well, I do! This cozy lot in Boonsboro, Maryland, will be the scene of my most ambitious project yet–building a home myself! Most people don’t realize I have a thorough background in construction, which I do use to help my clients in evaluating a home sale or purchase. []



Revitalizing The Heart of Downtown Hagerstown, Maryland Plans to fill the streets of Downtown Hagerstown with more arts and entertainment events, business opportunities and visitors are just a few of the goals for the city’s 10-year Downtown Hagerstown Economic Analysis and Implementation Plan. Already, the city’s Arts & Entertainment District is thriving with creativity and []


An Introduction to Lisa Teach

Western Maryland, Lisa Teach, and Your Home All of us who live here in Western Maryland know it’s a wonderful place to live. That’s one of the reasons I take great pride in helping my clients purchase a new home, or sell their existing home with a minimum amount of hassle and the maximum return []


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