Accepting an Offer

It’s the Price… and Much More
There can be countless small details in any offer that add up to significant non-financial or delayed financial advantages. In other words, a good offer consists of much more than a good price. Competent, expert evaluation of the contract is just one more important reason why Lisa and her associates are an invaluable asset to you, the seller.

Effective, Ethical Negotiating
Negotiating the terms of a contract in a fair and ethical manner is paramount. There is never a reason to craft one without the goal of creating a win-win transaction. That has been a key to the success of Lisa Teach & Associates, and a key to consistent, optimal outcomes for their clients. Such fair play is especially important in multiple offer situations.

The Initial Agreement and Deposit
All legitimate real estate contracts contain a provision for an initial deposit. Sometimes, though very infrequently, subsequent additional deposits are required.Thebroker acting as closing agent willhold the deposit in an escrow account until all conditions and contingencies of the agreement are met.

A couple of ways to expedite the process are:

  • Written records
    Your agent will draft all paperwork and make sure you have copies. It’s imperative that all verbal agreements such as addendums and counter-offers are written out and signed by both parties.
  • Abide by the schedule
    Adhering to the timeline established early-on in the transaction is vital to uninterrupted negotiations and avoiding any breach of contract. Lisa Teach employs two full-time transaction coordinators who track everything along the way.

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