Preparing to Sell Your Home

Initial impressions can be extremely important to the sale of a home. Fortunately, improving the appearance and enhancing the appeal of your property can be accomplished relatively easily and inexpensively. Here are some ways to achieve those things and make your home ready to present to potential buyers:

1. Curb Appeal

The welcoming energy of a clean driveway and walkways and a tastefully landscaped yard can be palpable and is certainly noticed by potential buyers and their Realtors. A freshly-mown lawn, neatly trimmed hedges and bushes, colorful flowers, cleanfoliage and tasteful ground cover such as bark and gravel add up to a positive and lasting initial impression.

2. Cleaning & Minor Repairs

A clean home sporting sparkling floors, spotless woodwork without chips and smudges, and polished fixtures and hardware will be at least subliminally noticed by potential buyers. And remember to polish windows, clean screens and replace stretched and rusted ones, shampoo carpets, and apply a fresh coat of paint where needed.

3. Staging and Marketing

The importance of a properly staged and marketed home cannot be over-emphasized. Lisa Teach brings her extensive background in construction and home décor to the forefront when it comes to providing several levels in the preparation and presentation of her clients’ properties. Those free services include home preparation planning, re-design, complete staging and professional photography.


When it comes time to show your home to prospective buyers, your job is to leave. Take a hike, go shopping, or visit friends or relatives. This is a time to let Lisa and her team do their job of being your liaison, coordinator and host.


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